Senior Bushcrafters

for children in School years 4 to 11

The children are given more freedom to encourage and grow outdoor and life skills. The seniors will often be found sitting around a fire that have lit (adults are always around) and establishing social skills in a relaxed and nurturing environment. To help with more independence and responsibility we have the junior leader role that can be undertaken from year 8. This is a series of leadership and development skills to help develop and secure life skills. The juniors leaders will earn a range of qualifications including an HSE First Aid certificate, accredited Food Hygiene & fire safety certificates.

Thursday & Friday during term time

Woodlands Primary Academy
18:30 to 19:30

£5 a session payable termly


Each child will earn proficiency badges showing the progress they are making. We also have fire, knife, axe and camp licenses that are awarded when the Bushcrafters that display a sensible, safe and respectful approach to these more specific skills. The licenses can be taken away if the safe standard and respect falls short of the criteria.

Booking is essential as we have a limited number of spaces.

A fantastic welcoming group. Lots of fun learning and activities doing things that can’t be done in the garden at home like axe throwing and fire lighting.

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